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Arjuna is a Python based test automation framework developed by Rahul Verma.

It is an open source, Apache Licensed software: Arjuna on GitHub.

Rahul has implemented smaller variants of features in Arjuna across frameworks and organizations, or given advice around it. However Arjuna being a generic library has the most complete implementation of his ideas, away from project specific contexts and constraints.

For test execution, Arjuna is implemented as a pytest plugin and provides its own markup over pytest as its underlying test engine. If you like, you can make use of Arjuna with any other test engine or custom frameworks as well.

You’d need Python 3.8+ to make use of Arjuna.

Note: On Linux, the built-in Python3 build has issues with the Python’s built-in enum module which is heavily used in Arjuna. One alternative is to install ActiveState Python on linux. Advanced users can go for installing a custom Python build.

You can find a lot of example code for using Arjuna in Arjex project on GitHub.

Tester’s Guide

Arjuna Fundamentals

Handling Data and Information Exchange Formats

Web GUI Automation

HTTP Automation

Email Automation

Security Testing

Notes About Python Libraries and Tools Used in Arjuna

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tester Programming Interface (TPI) Reference

All classes, functions, enums and exceptions that are supposed to be directly used by a test author are a part of Arjuna’s Tester Programming Interface (TPI).

This interface is fully encapsulated in arjuna.tpi package.

You can either do a fully qualified import for a public name, for example:

from arjuna.tpi.log import log_info

or an easy, simple import that imports all public TPI names from Arjuna:

from arjuna import *

Following links direct you to documentation for all public names:

Test, Test Resources and Assertions

Test Configuration

The Magic Functions

Data Driven Testing

Data Generation and Data Entities

Data References

Web GUI Automation

HTTP Automation

E-Mail Automation

Reporting Protocols

Objects In Arjuna Hooks




Arjuna Exceptions

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