arjuna.tpi.guiauto.widget.radio_group module

class arjuna.tpi.guiauto.widget.radio_group.GuiRadioGroup(gui, wmd, parent=None)

Bases: object

Represents a radio group in th Gui.

Not meant to be directly created. It is created using calls from Gui object or GuiNamespace object of Gui.

  • guiGui object containing this GuiDropDown.

  • wmdGuiElementMetaData object for this GuiDropDown.

Keyword Arguments

parentGuiElement in case it is found inside a GuiElement. Default is the Gui object.

property gui: Gui

Gui object containing this GuiDropDown.

has_index_selected(index: int) bool

Check if this GuiRadioGroup has radio button selected at given index .


index – Target index.

has_value_selected(value: str) bool

Check if this GruiRadioGroup has radio button with given value attribute content selected.


value – Exact content of value attribute.

select_index(index: int) None

Select radio button at given index.


index – Target index.

select_ordinal(ordinal: int) None

Select radio group at given ordinal.

Ordinals are as per human counting. First element is at ordinal 1.


ordinal – Target ordinal.

select_value(value: str) None

Select radio button with given content of value attribute.


value – Exact content of value attribute.

property source: arjuna.tpi.guiauto.source.multielement.GuiMultiElementSource

GuiMultiElementSource for this GuiRadioGroup (source of associated GuiMultiElement)

property value: str

Content of value attribute of selected radio button.