Advanced GuiWidgets: RadioGroup - Handling Default HTML Radio Group

RadioGroup object in Arjuna represents the Radio Buttons in the UI that belong to a single selection group (have the same name). Here, we cover handling of a default-HTML RadioGroup control which represents multiple <input type=’radio’>` elements which have the same **name attribute value.

Defining and Using a RadioGroup In Code

You can create a RadioGroup using the radio_group factory call of a GuiApp (assume app to be GuiApp object):


Defining RadioGroup in GNS and Using it in Code

You can also define a RadioGroup in a GNS File.

In the GNS file for a label corresponding to a GuiMultiElement, add the type entry and set it to radio_group, for example:

  type: radio_group
  name: date_format

In your code, you can create an element of this as usual, however this time you’ll get a RadioGroup object instead of GuiElement.

element = app.gns.date_format

Interacting with RadioGroup

It provides various properties and methods for a higher level interaction with a radio group.

  • You can select a a by its visible text by calling select_text method of DropDown.

  • RadioGroup provides various enquiry methods - has_value_selected, has_index_selected.

  • RadioGroup also has value enquirable property.

  • You can use two ways of selecting a radio button - select_value to select by value attribute of an option, select_index to select a radio button present at provided index.