Bases: object

Represents an Email.

Keyword Arguments

pyemail – Python’s builtin email object.

property content_type

Content-Type of this email.

property contents

Contents of this email as a list of objects representing different parts. Currently attachments are not processed.

property date

Date of receipt of this email.

Returns first hyperlink that contains the provided URI part as a sub-string.


contains – A sub-string which should be present in the hyperlink.

All hyperlinks in the email content.

Keyword Arguments
  • unique – Only unique hyperlinks are included in result.

  • contain – Only hyperlinks that contain the provided substring are included in the result.


Get value for an email-header.

property is_multipart

Is it a multi-part email?

All hyperlinks in the email content.

property recipient

Recipient email-address (To)

property sender

Sender email-address (From)

property subject

Subject line of this email.

All unique hyperlinks in the email content.


Bases: object

Represents a sequence of one or more Arjuna’s Email objects.

Keyword Arguments

email_list – Sequence of Arjuna’s email objects.


You can loop over this object like a Python-list.

for email in emails:
property count

Number of emails in this list.