SEAMful Model for HTTP Layer Automation (In-Progress)

A new model called SEAMful is being developed in Arjuna to allow YAML externalization for HTTP Layer Automation just like Arjuna’s GOM model for GUI Automation.

Following are various implementations of this model and the status indicates status of current development.

Implementation 1 - Using Anonymous Service (Completed)

  • In this implementation, only the Service component of the model is used. Service is a created as an Anonymous Service.

  • In the absence of externalization of message meta data, this implementation is a full coded implementation.

As this is an almost no-model-implementation, following is the most relevant documentation section to work on this implementation:

Implementation 2 - Using Anonymous Service and Messages (In Progress)

Implementation 3 - Using Anonymous Service, Actions and Messages (In Progress)

Implementation 4 - Using Named Services and Messages (In Progress)

Implementation 5 - Using Named Services, Actions and Messages (In Progress)

Implementation 6 - Using Named Services, Endpoints, Actions and Messages (Future)