arjuna.tpi.guiauto.model.dialog module

class arjuna.tpi.guiauto.model.dialog.GuiDialog(*args, parent_gui: GuiAppOrGuiPage, label: str = None, root: LabelOrLocator = None, gns_dir: str = None, gns_file_name: str = None, **kwargs)

Bases: arjuna.tpi.guiauto.model.section.GuiSection

Represents a GUI Dialog. Can be associated with a GuiApp or GuiPage.

It is an implementation of GuiAppContent.


*args – Any number of positional argumnts. These are passed to the prepare() method if defined in inherited class.

Keyword Arguments
  • parent_gui – (Mandatory) The Gui object that is associated with this GuiDialog.

  • label – Label for the this GuiDialog. If not provided, the class name is used as the label.

  • root – Root element of this GuiSection. Can be label string defined in its GNS File or a Locator object.

  • gns_dir – Relative Root Directory for GNS file associated with this GuiDialog. Default is dialog directory in associated GuiApp namespace. If provided, path is considered relative to the GuiApp namespace directory.

  • gns_file_name – Name of GNS file associated with this GuiPage. If not provided, default is <label>.yaml.

  • kwargs – Arbitrary keyword arugments. These are passed to the prepare() method if defined in inherited class.


A GuiDialog can have a root element. If defined, all locator calls in this object happen as a nested locating call using the root element.

  • Root element provided in in __init__ call is given preference.

  • If not provided, Arjuna looks for root definition in load section of its GNS file.

  • If above is also not provided, then locating happens from the root of the DOM of current page.