arjuna.tpi.httpauto.request module

class arjuna.tpi.httpauto.request.HttpRequest(session, request, label=None, xcodes=None, allow_redirects=True, timeout=None, cookies=None)

Bases: arjuna.tpi.httpauto.packet.HttpPacket

Encapsulates HTTP request packet.

  • sessionHttpSession object which created this HttpRequest.

  • requestrequests library’s Request object wrapped by this class.

Keyword Arguments
  • label – Label for this request. If available, it is used in Reports and logs.

  • xcodes – Expected Status Code(s)

  • allow_redirects – If True, redirections are allowed for the HTTP message. Default is True.

  • timeout – How long to wait for the server to send data before giving up.

  • cookies – Cookie dictionary

property allow_redirects

True if redirects are allowed for this request.

property content

Content of this request message as plain unformatted text.

property label: str

Label for this request object.

property method: str

HTTP Method/Verb used by this request.

property query_params: dict

URL Query Parameters for this request object.

classmethod repr_as_str(*, method, url, headers, content=None)
property text

Content of this request message as Text object.

property timeout

Timeout for this request.

property url: str

URL correspnding to this request message.

property xcodes: set

Expected status codes for this request.