arjuna.tpi.emailauto package


Module contents

class arjuna.tpi.emailauto.EmailServer

Bases: object

classmethod imap(*, host=None, port=None, user=None, password=None, use_ssl=None)

Create an IMAP Server supporting IMAP4 protocol for reading emails.

Keyword Arguments
  • host – IP or domain name of Email IMAP Server. Default is localhost. Default is configurable with option.

  • port – Port of the IMAP Server. Default is 143 for non-SSL Mode and 993 for SSL-Mode. Default is configurable with emailauto.imap.port option.

  • user – Email address to open mailbox. Default is configurable with emailauto.user option.

  • password – Password corresponding to the email account. Default is configurable with emailauto.password option.

  • use_ssl – Should IMAPS (SSL-mode) be used? Default is True.