Advanced GuiWidgets: GuiMultiElement - Handling Multiple GuiElements Together

Arjuna provides a special abstraction for representing mutliple GuiElements together rather than a raw Python list. This provides an opportunity to include higher level methods for test code authors.

Defining and Using a GuiMultiElement In Code

You can create a GuiElement using the multi_element factory call of a GuiApp (assume app to be GuiApp object):


Defining GuiMultiElement in GNS and Using it in Code

You can also define a GuiMultiElement in a GNS File.

In the GNS file for a label corresponding to a GuiMultiElement, add the type entry and set it to multi_element, for example:

  type: multi_element
  name: "delete_tags[]"

In your code, you can create an element of this as usual, however this time you’ll get a GuiMultiElement object instead of GuiElement.

check_boxes = app.gns.cat_checkboxes

Interacting with GuiMultiElement

It provides various properties and methods for a higher level interaction with a sequence of GuiElements.

  • It supports index based retrieval just like a regular list. Indexes start from computer counting (0).

  • In addition to this, it provides propeties like first_element, last_element and random_element.