class*args, url: str = None, config: Configuration = None, ext_config: AutomatorExtendedConfig = None, label: str = None, gns_dir: str = None, gns_file_name: str = None, **kwargs)


Represents a GUI App.

It supports all methods of GuiAppContent by delegating to a default GuiPage which it encapsulates.


*args – Any number of positional argumnts. These are passed to the prepare() method if defined in inherited class.

Keyword Arguments
  • url – Base URL for Web application. If not provided, value of ArjunaOption.APP_URL is taken from the associated Configuration object.

  • config – Configuration object.

  • ext_config – (Not Supported Yet) AutomatorExtendedConfig object for underlying GUI automator.

  • label – Label for the GuiApp. If not provided, the class name is used as the label.

  • gns_dir – Relative Root Directory for GNS file(s) associated with the GuiApp. Default is <ProjectRootDirectory>/guiauto/namespace. If provided, it is considered relative to the namespace directory.

  • gns_file_name – Name of GNS file associated with GuiApp. If not provided, default is <label>.yaml.

  • kwargs – Arbitrary keyword arugments. These are passed to the prepare() method if defined in inherited class.


GuiApp can be used as singular represenation of complete page.

Through its advanced Python implementation, GuiApp supports all methods that are supported by a GuiPage by delegating the calls to an internal page object.

So, although not directly visible in the API docs for GuiApp, you can call all GuiPage methods on GuiApp as well and they will be executed on the current page in the browser.


(Not Supported Yet) Child Window.


(Not Supported Yet) Close All Child Windows

property latest_child_window

(Not Supported Yet) Latest Child Window.

launch(*, blank_slate=False)

Launch GuiApp.

Keyword Arguments

blank_state – If True, App’s base URL is not opened. Default is False.

property main_window

Main window of this GuiApp


Close browser and do cleanup of GuiApp.

property url

Base URL of this GuiApp