arjuna.tpi.tracker module

arjuna.tpi.tracker.track(level: str = 'debug')

Decorator to track a callable.

You can track classes, methods, functions and properties using this decorator.

Arjuna tracks the following and logs it as per log_* function chosen as per provided level. Default is debug.
  • Begin of call and arguments passed to the call.

  • End of the call with return value

  • Exception raised if any

Keywrod Arguments:

callable: Callable that is decorated. level: (Optional) A string representing a Logging Level (trace/debug/info/warning/error/fatal). Default is debug.


When you decorate a class with @track, it automatically tracks its construction, all its methods including classmethods and staticmethods.

Properties are not auto-tracked for a class.

You can add @track decorator to a property. If you have a property setter, adding @track to it automatically also tracks the getter.

You can selectively add decorators to methods in the class as well.

@track also works for functions.