Element Identification

GuiElement and Widgets

Arjuna’s Gui automation implementation has different types of Gui Widgets which are associated with corresponding Widget types.

A single node in the DOM of a web UI is represented by a GuiElement object in Arjuna, irrespective of its type. This is unless you need specialized methods which we will see later.

The Widget type for GuiElement is element. This information is not important here, but will become relevant when we deal with more complex node types.

All locators discussed here can be used for any type of Gui Widgets.


Arjuna supports various basic locators (basic_locators) and its own locator extensions (locator_exts).

For locating GuiElement, you can use the .element factory method (assume app is the GuiApp object):


The locator strategy is expressed using locator type names supported by Arjuna. You can pass it as a keyword argument k=v format to the the element call.

For example, following code locates a GuiElement by its id attribute: