arjuna.tpi.engine package

Module contents

class arjuna.tpi.engine.Arjuna

Bases: object

Facade of Arjuna framework. Contains static methods which wrapper an internal singleton class for easy access to top level Arjuna functions.

classmethod exit()

Clean-up and finalise resources currently opened by Arjuna.

classmethod get_config(name='ref')

Returns the configuration.

classmethod get_config_value(query, *, cname=None)

Returns the configuration value.

classmethod get_configs(*names)

Returns the reference configuration.

classmethod get_data_ref(name)
classmethod get_data_store()
classmethod get_dataref_value(query='', *, bucket=None, context=None, index=None)

Returns the data reference value for a given context.

classmethod get_group_params()
classmethod get_gui_mgr()

Returns the central GUI Manager object that mangages namespaces.

classmethod get_linked_projects()
classmethod get_localized_str(in_str, *, locale=None, bucket=None, strict=None)
classmethod get_localizer()
classmethod get_logger()

Returns framework logger.

classmethod get_pytest_command_for_group()
classmethod get_report_metadata()
classmethod get_test_meta_data(qual_name)
classmethod get_test_selector()
classmethod get_test_session()

Returns the current Test Session object.

classmethod get_withx_ref()
classmethod has_config(name)
classmethod init(project_root_dir, *, run_id=None, static_rid=False, linked_projects=[], arjuna_options={}, user_options={})

Returns reference test context which contains reference configuration. This reference test context merges central conf, project conf and central CLI options. Root directory is assumed as per the project structure. You can also provide an alternative root directory for test project.

classmethod register_config(config)
classmethod register_group_params(**params)
classmethod register_pytest_command_for_group(group_command)
classmethod register_test_meta_data(qual_name, test_meta_data)
classmethod register_test_selector_for_group(selector)
class arjuna.tpi.engine.LinkedArjunaProject(name, location, ref_conf_editable, ref_conf, data_env_conf_map)

Bases: tuple


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